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Sociala MedierPosted by Ulrik Zielfelt Wed, February 10, 2010 14:22:15

Having a presence in social media channels is more than just marketing. Companies that have realized this will be successful in the social media space. I read a blog post by Mitch Joel on this subject today. I seems most companies bench mark their efforts in social channels against what they are doing in other marketing channels. In my opinion traditional marketing is not a good benchmark for social media activities. Instead companies should think about how they can connect with their customers and in the process build powerful marketing vehicles. I found a great example of this in Mitch Joel’s brilliant book “Six Pixels of Separation”:

The online book store Borders realized that people go to book stores for more reasons that just to buy books. Historically book stores have always arranged events such as author signings/ readings etc, to create extra value for their customers (and build traffic to their stores). In realizing the potential in expanding into value added content for their customers, Borders created Borders Media.

Borders Media is a separate section on the site where visitors and customers to the Borders online shop can see video interviews with authors, see chefs cook their favorite recipes and much more. In doing so, Borders expanded their business from being a pure e-book store to becoming a place to go for valuable and interesting content.

From a marketing perspective, letting the original content sit on the site and expand it to other channels such as YouTube or give customers/ visitors the opportunity to share it, you will eventually build healthy new traffic streams to your site (and hopefully sell more products since the traffic will be quite relevant for your business). On top of that your presence in search engines will be improved when the content is distributed in multiple channels and more and more people link to it.

Bottom line; instead of trying to find smart ways of pushing information out into social channels, think about the value you can bring to your customers by providing them with the right content connected to your products/ services. In doing so, you will create “hooks” that will build healthy traffic and sales to you business over time!

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