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Content is King

Sociala MedierPosted by Ulrik Zielfelt Mon, February 01, 2010 22:25:19

I resently read a blog post by Mitch Joel where he argued that there will be no more web sites, just publishers. This is definitly a shift in mindset for most companies and is quite interesting if you want to connect and create value for your customers.

This is what you could do:

If you are a company selling home electronic equipment you might consider to feed in external product reviews/rankings to your e-store, let your product managers blog about the products and how they can be used and, of coures, provide tools for users to post reviews and describe how they use the products in their daily lives.

I saw an exampel of this when I was about to buy a new washing mashine. I visited Tretti.se and found really good video content to help me in my purchase decision. The videos where informative and gave me insights of the strengths and weaknessess of the products. They actually helped me make the choice.

The essence is that you will give your customers valuable content to make purchase decisions and, if you do it right and ad external sources and user generated content, have the potential of becoming a trusted source for information (which will have a positive impact on your brand).

A nice side effect is also that you will become more visable in the search engine. This will be even more true when Google and other search engines start to display content as it is produced. The more “live” content you will be able to produce, the higher ranking you will get!

So what are you waiting for? Go become a publisher!

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