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Social Media Tactics

Sociala MedierPosted by Ulrik Zielfelt Wed, January 06, 2010 22:25:09

Browsed through an eMarketer news letter the other day on the subject social media tactics on Facebook and Twitter. The most common tactics was not the most effective (no surprise there!). A part from traditional contextual banner/text ad, most surveyed companies used status updates on their Facebook pages to drive traffic and “friending” recent customers with corporate Facebook profiles.

However, for B2C companies the most effective tactics was to create a Facebook app (less than 25% of the surveyed companies did this) and for B2B companies creating fan surveys. Apps can be rather effective if you create something that is either fun or useful. If you are successful you will get great dwell time out of an app. For maximum impact, think about what target group you would like to reach when developing the app.

When using Twitter most companies used the channel to drive traffic through links to marketing web pages or to promotional pages. The most effective tactics, however, was to use the channel for monitoring brand buzz and negative messages and respond by contacting users who posted negative comments. Only about 20% of the respondents used the latter tactics on Twitter. Another tactic used primarily by B2B companies was to use Twitter to invite prospects to in-person events. Strangely enough, this was the least used tactic by B2B companies.

It’s quite evident that you need to use another set of tactics than you are used to when marketing on Facebook , Twitter and other social media sites. We are talking inbound marketing vs. traditional outbound marketing. To have effect you will need to engage the people you are reaching out for. They need to see the value of engaging with your brand, if it is by using an app you created, insightful information about your business or the products you sell. The statistics above clearly supports this.

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