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Shift in media spend

AktuelltPosted by Ulrik Zielfelt Mon, December 14, 2009 22:29:34

Recent studies from Forrester presented by eMarketer indicates that 59% of US advertisers will shift their media spending from traditional to online media channels. eMarketer and several other research firms estimates that the online media spend will increase by a low 5% to a high + 10% in 2010.

Not just search is predicted to grow, but also banner advertising and video (40% from a low base line).

The really interesting point in the eMarketer prediction for 2010, though, is that total media spend is going to decrease from a 2008 high of almost $ 200 billion. This is mainly driven by a shift from mass media marketing to more targeted marketing. Dollars will be spent on media that is measurable, reach the specific target audience and that creates a dialog with the consumers, i.e. "earned media".

The latter will shift spending from paid advertising to in-house resources that tap into the social channels and work with self marketing - blogs, videos etc.

Media consumption will continue to explode. This is naturally driven by the continued increase in user generated media channels such as blogs, social media sites, sharing sites etc. Content will be distributed in multiple channels and formats and will be more tailored to what the consumer have read, visited, shared or bought.

Marketers will look for technologies that will help them predict consumer intention. Different types of behavioral targeting technologies based on surf behavior, social interaction or other digital foot prints that will reveal possible prospects will be increasingly used.

Thus, 2010 seems to bring on some interesting challenges. Not only for the advertisers but also, even more so, for the traditional media agency community.

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