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In the world of online media everything is moving at the speed of light (at least if you're part of the business). This blog is a way for me to reflect over things I’ve pick up in research, when speaking to customer, partners or other people in the business. Hopefully the blog will start a conversation that will give me and other participants increased knowledge in the online marketing field. If you would like to know what I do for a living, visit www.impwell.com

Blog = Loss Leader

Sociala MedierPosted by Ulrik Zielfelt Fri, July 23, 2010 10:11:05

Read an interesting blog post by Chris Brogan the other day. It was a about people abandoning their blogs and started using other vehicles to build their name & generate leads and sales. Of course, blogs are not a vehicle from which you will see fast results in leads and sales. You have to treat a blog as a loss leader, leading to other things that make money.

Content you publish on your blog show the way you think and the knowledge you have within a certain area. It also makes it possible for people to get a feeling for you as a professional without having to interact with you directly. Since most people today use search engines as a starting point for research, blogging makes you visible and build on your digital footprint.

Thus, disintegrating the blog from your channel mix might be unwise. Instead think about how the blog fit into the mix and have a solid strategy for the content you produce and how to create revenue streams in later stages.

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